Juan Williams Makes Up Trump Conspiracy Theory, Gets Instantly Humiliated In Best Way

Fox News contributor Juan Williams has been on the air for years now. But over the years, he has made a lot of critics over some of the things he’s said.

He just wrote an opinion piece article that talked about what could happen if Trump lost the presidential election in 2020.

He comes up with this wacky conspiracy theory that everybody hated equally, and got DUNKED on in epic fasion. Check it out.

From Daily Caller: Fox News contributor Juan Williams claimed Monday that President Donald Trump could refuse to leave office if he loses reelection in 2020, sparking backlash across Twitter.

In an opinion piece for The Hill, Williams wrote, “It is no longer outside the realm of possibility that Trump could refuse to leave if he loses the 2020 election. And if he does not accept an election defeat — a scenario he threatened in 2016 — he will have a virtual army on social media to defend him.”

“Where does this stop?” Williams concluded.

Williams tweeted out his opinion piece but was met with swift backlash from a variety of pundits accusing him of “scaremongering” and being “nuts.”

He immediately gets DESTROYED by Twitter, it’s great.

Williams’ conspiratorial tweet racked up over 20,000 replies compared to just under 1,500 likes — one of the worst “ratios” Twitter has likely ever seen.

Wow. literally every single conservative thinker on Twitter responded to him, awesome!

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